4x4 3D Card
4x4 3D Card
4x4 3D Card
4x4 3D Card
4x4 3D Card
4x4 3D Card

4x4 3D Card

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The forest green cover of our 4x4 pop-up card provides a glimpse into the awesome surprise that awaits the lucky recipient of this gift. Featuring a detailed illustration of a 4x4 making its way through a forest on an unknown adventure, this design is for those of us who don't mind getting a little dirty.

Once opened the card reveals an adventurer's dream. A red pop up 4x4 making its way up a trail emerges from the center of this pop up card. Rustic embellishments on the outer corners of the pop up card a realistic touch and help you feel as if you are about to spend a wild day mudding with friends.

Inspiration for the 4x4 card:
Patrick designed this card because he is our resident 4x4 expert.
He grew up in a 4x4 driving family and was super excited to create a pop up 4x4 Lovepop style. According to Patrick "vehicle cards are always fun to make because it feels like you are building a little model toy car while designing it."

As you can imagine engineering a Lovepop is never as easy as it looks and "the design of the wheels had to go through a couple of iterations before they felt right. In the first concept, the wheels were disproportionately small, so I beefed them up and made the 4x4 look like a real off-roader." says Patrick.

Occasions for the 4x4 card:
Give the 4x4 card to your off-roading friend on their birthday. Announce a surprise weekend of adventure with that special someone with this great pop up card.

You don't need an occasion to gift a Lovepop, and they're also an excellent way to let a friend know you're thinking of them and looking forward to your next adventure together.

The 4x4 pop-up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.