Blue Morpho Butterfly 3D card
Blue Morpho Butterfly 3D card

Blue Morpho Butterfly 3D card

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The dark blue cover of the Blue Morpho Butterfly card features a light blue, laser-cut butterfly fluttering about a pink hibiscus and its green stem.

Once opened, the Blue Morpho card reveals a blue and orange winged butterfly sitting upon a printed pink hibiscus. If you look under its wings, the Blue Morpho unveils a third color, brown, to add to its beauty. Along the inner panels, three pink hibiscuses and their green leaves create an elegant garden scene.
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Inspiration for the Blue Morpho Butterfly Pop up Card:
The second the butterfly design in our collection, the Blue Morpho card was a fun sculpture to work on according to Lovepop designer Kincso.

In her own words: “The butterfly is symbolic of life and change. It is beautiful but delicate and fleeting, so we wanted to capture it. We also wanted to expand our beautiful garden-themed collection, as spring is approaching. Perhaps the beautiful morpho will give it a little kick.”

Occasions for the Blue Morpho Butterfly Pop up Card:
The Blue Morpho card is great to gift to a child on their birthday to replace the butterfly they let go in science class or the passionate gardener who can enjoy its beauty throughout the year.

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and hope and bring joy to those who have recently suffered a loss.

Also, a meaningful gift for a loved one in recovery. The Blue Morpho pop up is blank, so you are not limited to any occasion when gifting this lovely card.

Size: This exciting Lovepop is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.