FreeStyle Libre 14 Day Sensor

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Introducing the FreeStyle Libre 14 Day System:
Glucose monitoring with a painless scan instead of painful fingersticks.

The FreeStyle Libre 14 day system is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system consisting of the FreeStyle LibreLink app and a glucose sensor worn on the back of the upper arm. The sensor uses a thin, flexible filament inserted just under the skin to measure glucose levels every minute. Use your smartphone to scan the glucose sensor with a one-second scan to replace fingersticks.
  • Up to 14 days of sensor wear! Now the longest lasting self-applied sensor on the market!
  • Small size and comfortable to wear: About the size of 2 stacked US quarters.
  • Significantly lower your A1C. Spend less time in hypoglycemia with the new FreeStyle Libre 14 day system.
  • Painless application: Painless and easy to apply. A very thin filament sits just under the skin to measure interstitial fluid.
  • Water resistant: Stays on the body for up to 14 days, and can be worn while swimming, showering, or exercising.
  • Continuous monitoring: Measures your glucose every minute, and stores glucose readings every 15 minutes.
  • No fingersticks! Make finger sticks a thing of the past.
  • Take a reading after just 1 hour The new FreeStyle Libre 14 day system only needs one hour to warm up!
  • NDC 57599-0001-01
FreeStyle Libre 14 Day Sensor Includes: (1) FreeStyle Libre 14 day Sensor Pack: Contains sensor to be worn for up to 14 days, (1) Sensor Applicator: Applies the sensor to the back of the upper arm, Alcohol Wipes, Product Insert