Orchid Arrangement 3D card
Orchid Arrangement 3D card
Orchid Arrangement 3D card

Orchid Arrangement 3D card

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The shiny beige cover of the Orchid Bouquet pop up card features beautiful pink orchids with green stems that incorporate both laser-cutting and printing techniques.

Once opened, the Orchid Bouquet reveals itself in all its beauty. The magenta orchid bouquet with green leaves is intricately-cut and overhangs a white vase. On the inner panels, the magenta orchids are printed along with their large green leaves. The printed flowers are shown on a grayish paper that imitates the likeness of a granite countertop.

Inspiration for the Orchid Bouquet card:
Lovepop designer Jason was looking around at various flower shops for inspiration and could rarely find a bouquet of flowers that was just orchids. He loves the idea of bouquets with one flower-type, so using orchids seemed like the perfect choice.

Jason also used to work at a garden estate as a landscape designer and groundskeeper. According to him, his job ”involved taking care of a greenhouse full of epiphytic orchids that do not have a terrestrial root. Most orchids are actually epiphytic meaning they have an aerial root, which is, of course, part of their allure and majesty.”

In the end, we believe this design came out beautiful and we know you'll agree.

Occasions for the Orchid Bouquet card:
The Orchid Bouquet is perfect to gift to your grandmother who loves all types of flowers, especially orchids, or to let your special Valentine how much you love them.

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The Orchid Bouquet pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.