Penguin Family 3D card
Penguin Family 3D card
Penguin Family 3D card

Penguin Family 3D card

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The front of the navy blue card features an endearing image of a penguin holding its baby penguin chick close.

Once opened the card reveals a penguin parent and baby penguin waddling through an arctic terrain. They follows closely behind their chick as they climb their own mounds of ice. The top corners of the card are embellished with a frozen pond and penguin footprints in the snow.
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Penguins are adorable as they waddle their way about. But if we're talking baby penguins, it just got a million times more adorable.

We wanted to create a card that shows off these precious birds and their enduring love for their own because parenting their chicks is sure to be tough when they live in the coldest parts of the world.

Occasions to give this card:
Gift this card on for any sort of appreciation or celebration of great parenting, or to the penguin fanatic in your life (we all have one).

Size: This exciting Lovepop is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.