Statue of Liberty 3D Card
Statue of Liberty 3D Card
Statue of Liberty 3D Card
Statue of Liberty 3D Card
Statue of Liberty 3D Card
Statue of Liberty 3D Card

Statue of Liberty 3D Card

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The front cover of the Statue of Liberty 3D card features a dramatic and wonderfully detailed close-up of Lady Liberty's torch, an enduring symbol of enlightenment.

Open the greeting card and admire one of history's most famous gifts up close. The Statue of Liberty pops out of this incredible card.

The regal and towering symbol of America's "Liberty Enlightening the World" makes for an impressive paper sculpture. The New York City skyline and Ellis Island ferries surround the 3D Statue of Liberty.

Inspiration for the Statue of Liberty Card:
Our recent entry into New York City inspired us to create designs that honor the spirit of one of the world's most incredible and vibrant cities.
France presented the United States with the famed gift to commemorate "the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution." The Statue of Liberty holds much meaning, but one of its most enduring messages is of "freedom and friendship."

Occasions for the Statue of Liberty Pop-Up Card:
This pop-up card is an excellent gift for a friend or loved one who recently became a citizen of the United States, a lover of liberty, a memento of a visit to New York City, or for anyone who appreciates one of our nation's most iconic symbols of freedom.

The Shark Tank New York City Skyline Card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.