Surfer Gal 3D Card
Surfer Gal 3D Card
Surfer Gal 3D Card
Surfer Gal 3D Card
Surfer Gal 3D Card
Surfer Gal 3D Card

Surfer Gal 3D Card

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The cover of this blue card silhouettes a surfer riding a wave on a gorgeous day.

Open the card to see the action! The surfer pops up riding her wave. Look close to see some fish (big and small) playing in the waves. The bottom of the card is embellished with a few waves and a palm tree while the rest of the card is left blank so you can say more.

Inspiration for the Surfer Gal Pop-Up Card:
We have dreams of catching that perfect wave and riding it all the way in. We wanted to share those dreams with you and your loved ones

Occasions for the 3D Pop-Up Surfer Gal Card:
Perfect for any occasion, delight your loved one with this surfer cruising on a huge wave. Say happy birthday, thank you, or “I just bought two tickets to Hawaii!” with this unique pop up card.

This gnarly Surfing Guy card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.