T-Rex Dad 3D card
T-Rex Dad 3D card
T-Rex Dad 3D card
T-Rex Dad 3D card

T-Rex Dad 3D card

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The brown front cover of the T-Rez Dad card features an illustration of a Tyrannosaurus Rex preparing to tie his necktie.

Once opened the card reveals a fearless duo: a T-Rex with his kid dinosaur. Dad is decorated with a tie and briefcase and shows off with his intimidating roar with kid dino following suit as the two roam the rocky terrain. The outer corners of the card are decorated with long neck dinosaurs and pterodactyls and pre-historic plant embellishments.

Inspiration for the T-Rex Dad card:
Most of us learned to be strong and fearless from our dads and father figures. This card celebrates that strength with the toughest dinosaurs ever to walk the earth.

Occasions for the T-Rex Dad card:
Gift this laser-cut pop-up card on Father's Day to dad or anyone who has inspired you to be the strong and confident person you are. This fun pop-up card is also perfect to give to the kids that love dinosaurs.

This cool card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.